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How to Draw Chibi Yellowjacket

Chibi Yellowjacket drawing

Comics are an integral part of the life of the artists of Drawingforall.net, and most of our life we draw exactly comics, villains and heroes from a variety of comic books. We have a whole category called “Comics” on our site, and there we publish a lot of everything drawn in the style of classic comics. But our readers often ask us to show how to draw comic characters not only in a classic academic style, but also in a chibi style. And so today we decided to create a lesson on how to draw chibi Yellowjacket.


Step 1

The most noticeable feature of any chibi is their proportion, or rather the ratio of the head and body. And in the initial stage we will just mark a big rounded head and a rather small torso of chibi Yellowjacket.

How to draw Yellowjacket easy

Step 2

Now, with the help of a few simple lines, we sketch the arms and legs. Note that here the proportions are also different from the proportions of an ordinary person, because the arms are noticeably longer than the legs, which is done to create a cuter appearance.

How to draw chibi comics characters

Step 3

Now let’s add some important basic details to our chibi Yellowjacket drawing using light and rough lines. Mark angular eyes, breathing apparatus and bee limbs behind the back.

How to draw chibi Yellowjacket from Ant Man

Step 4

The rough sketch of chibi Yellowjacket is done, and starting from the fourth step we will work with clear and beautiful lines. Using such lines trace the head and mask as the Drawingforall.net artists did.

How to draw chibi comics

Step 5

Now let’s do the same, but with the body of our Yellowjacket. That is, trace everything using clear comic lines and remove all remaining guidelines. In the same step, draw an intricate pattern on the costume.

How to draw chibi Yellowjacket from Marvel

Step 6

To give your Yellowjacket a more volumetric and beautiful look, you need to add some shadows. In order to do this, you need to use classic hatching and apply it on the areas indicated in the figure below.

How to draw chibi Yellowjacket

Above, you could see six simple steps that explained how to draw chibi Yellowjacket. We made this lesson at the request of our readers. If you also want us to make a lesson about what you want to learn to draw, then be sure to write us about it.

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