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How to Draw Brian Griffin

Brian griffin drawing


Hello, everybody! Today we have prepared for you a new drawing lesson. And today we are going to draw one of the most popular dogs in the world – Brian Griffin. The authors of the show did a great job on a character and habits of Brian, creating a very memorable and charismatic image. So, let’s start this drawing lesson and find out how to draw Brian Griffin!

Step 1

First things first sketch out the general proportions of Brian using sticks and circles. Pay attention to unusual proportions. Using an oval sketch out the head. Using a circle sketch out the torso. Using lines sketch out hands, legs, and a short tail.

how to draw Brian griffin


Step 2

Using circles draw eyes at the upper part of the oval. Using short and curved strokes draw eyelids. Draw pupils in the eyes. Using long and curved line draw the nose. Sketch out the ears and move to the next step.

 how to draw Brian griffin step by step


Strep 3

Right under the nose draw the mouth. Using Draw the neck which should connect the head with the body. Draw the contours of the hands and legs.

 how to draw Brian griffin from family guy


Step 4

Erase the guidelines. Draw fingers and toes. Using two short strokes draw the tail. Draw the collar and wineglass (if you want to draw it perfectly, visit our tutorial about how to draw a wine glass). Darken the lines of the drawing.

how to draw Brian griffin


Step 5

So, we got to the last step in the tutorial about Brian Griffin. At this step, we will add some shadows. In our example light comes from the front of Brian. So we add the shadows to the back side of Brian.

Brian griffin drawing


It was the drawing lesson about how to draw Brian Griffin from Family Guy. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you want to draw something more complicated, visit our tutorials about Wolverine or Samurai. Goodbye!

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