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How to Draw Batman Step by Step

how to draw batman step by step

Hello! Today we draw one of the central characters in the DC universe – Batman! Batman first appeared in 1939 in the Detective Comics #27. Since then he has appeared in a lot of comics, movies, cartoons and games.

Let’s learn how to draw Batman!


Step 1

As in our previous drawing lessons, as on how to draw Superman, we start this tutorial with a Stickman. Using an oval draw the head. Using a short line, draw the neck. Using a line, draw the spine. Note, that the height spine is equal to the sum of two heights of the head. Draw the legs and arms, as in our example below.

how to draw batman


Step 2

Using a couple of lines, mark the face as in our example. The vertical line shows us the center of the face, and the horizontal line will help us to draw the eyes. Below the horizontal line, draw the lines of the nose and mouth. By a couple of lines draw the guides for the bat ears. Using a cylinder sketch out the neck.

how to draw batman step by step


Step 3

Continue drawing Batman. Draw the outlines of the torso, as in our example. Draw the line of the pectoral muscles. Using circles draw the shoulders. Using cylinders draw the arms. Sketch out the hands, and move to the next step.

how to draw batman with a pencil


Step 4

Now do the same operation, with only the lower part of the torso and legs of Batman. Outline draw triangular pelvis, as in the example below. Using cylinders draw the legs. Using circles draw the knees. The general shapes of Batman are ready, from the next step we will start adding details.

how to draw batman for beginners


Step 5

At this step we draw the mask of Batman. Using the guidelines from the second step, draw the mask and ears of Batman. Draw the eyes, which located on the vertical line from the second step. Draw the opening of the mask. The upper edge begins from the line of the nose. And the lower part of the opening is the line of the chin. Draw the nose and mouth, as in our example. Sketch out the cape and the logo of batman.

how to draw batman for beginners


Step 6

Erase the guidelines from the head and shoulders. Circle the lines, to make them smooth and clean, as in the example below. Circle the lines of the batman logo, as in the example below. From this step we start erasing the guidelines, and make the lines smooth and clean.

how to draw batman face


Step 7

Erase the guidelines and start to circle the lines. Using a couple of curved lines, draw the pectoral muscles. Draw the lines of the abdominal muscles. Then, erase guideline from the pelvis and draw a wide belt with a buckle and numerous pockets.

batman drawing


Step 8

Give the correct anatomical form to the arms, as in the example below. Draw the massive biceps and triceps. Draw the lines of the muscles of the arms. Draw the hand, as in the example below. If you want to learn more, visit our drawing lesson about how to draw hands.

how to draw batman


Step 9

Erase the guidelines and unnecessary strokes from the legs. Circle the lines of the legs, to make them smooth and clean, as in our example. Don’t forget to draw the knees, and lines of the muscles. Draw the high shoes of the batman, and add the folds to the legs and shoes. Circel the lines of the cape.

how to draw batman step by step


It was the drawing lesson on how to draw Batman step by step. We hope this lesson was interesting and informative for you. Draw batman from different angles, and in different poses, to improve your drawing skills. Goodbye!


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