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How to Draw Anna Williams

how to draw anna williams

Learn how to draw Anna Williams step by step with this drawing tutorial prepared by DrawingForAll. one of the most popular female characters in the series of Tekken, along with her sister. Born and raised in Ireland. The younger sister of Nina Williams. She also was a bodyguard of Kazuya Mishima.


Step 1

Like in all drawing lessons about people (in Tekken you can see not only people), we start with a stickman. See how gracefully curved central axis of the body. The pelvis of women is much wider than of men, but our perspective it seems very narrow just because of the reversal. But of course, you can choose any other pose. So draw the head in a shape of an inverted egg, and body, using simple lines.

How to Draw Anna Williams

Step 2

Now Let’s give to the figure a three-dimensional shape. The body has to look elegant and feminine. To achieve this, the parts of the body represented in the form of rounded shapes with smooth curves. Do not forget also about the thin graceful neck. After neck draw the torso, that should be narrow in the area of the waist. Draw the arms and legs using shapes similar to gracefully curved cylinders. Sketch out the shoulders, elbows and knees using circles. Don’t forget about the lines of the facial symmetry.

how to draw anna williams step by step

Step 3

By the way, if you want to check the correctness proportions, just bring your drawing to the mirror. All inaccuracies and errors will be particularly evident. So, if you have checked everything, let us proceed to drawing. Now we need to draw the contours of hairstyle (guided by the contours of the head), as well as to outline the main features, such as eyes, nose and mouth.

how to draw tekken

Step 4

You can now delete the extra lines from the head, so you could see the contours of hairstyles, as well as details of the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth. In the same step, we outline the contours of a waving dress. In general, Anna has a lot of costumes, you could see her in a variety of dresses, shorts or other clothing. You can pick up Anna clothes for your taste.

how to draw anna williams from tekken

Step 5

This step will be devoted to working with hair. They should be drawn in the direction from the roots to the tips. Please note that the hair should not just be direct, they must convey the motion.

drawing lessons

Step 6

Who now work with arms. We need to erase the guidelines from the arms and draw out all necessary lines. Drawing the gloves of Anna Williams, starting in the middle of the upper arms. Next, draw a graceful fingers with long nails (how she fights with such nails?). Do not forget that the arms should be subtle and elegant.

drawing lesson how to draw anna williams

Step 7

Now we have to work with clothes and body contours. We draw out the contours of the breast and lines of the torso. Also, draw a rounded contour of the buttocks. Draw the seams and lines of the clothing. Add folds as in our example.

how to draw characters from tekken

Step 8

We are already at the finish line of the lesson on how to draw Anna Williams, remains only work with the legs and dress of Anna. Erase the guides from the legs. Draw out the necessary lines. Draw out the shoes, stockings and suspenders.

anna williams drawing

Step 9

Paint out the hair as in our example. Add shadows using lite and short hatching.

how to draw anna williams

It was a drawing lesson on how to draw Anna Williams from tekken. If you enjoyed this lesson we sure that you will like the lessons about Marshall Law and Gon. Don’t forget to share this lesson, write a comment below this tutorial and subscribe to us in social networks.

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