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How to Draw Gon From Tekken

how to draw Gon manga

Hi! Today we will draw a character from Tekken 3. This little creature is not very famous in the world, but every fan of the Tekken universe loves him. Let’s draw Gon, a little pet from manga and Tekken series.


Step 1

First draw the head. In this step the head looks like ordinary circle located at the top and a little left of the paper’s list. After this draw  a long curving line. This line began from the head.

As you guessed, this line is the main contour of the Gon’s body. And the past action of this step is drawing of two wavy lines which are located perpendicularly relative to the main line.

how to draw Gon


Step 2

In this step it is very important to follow the sequence. First draw the mounth looks like a cylinder. Then draw a body borders (just two smooth lines extending from head to tail). After this you should draw the hind paws. Look at these parts of the body – the hind paws are very massively and powerful, but the front paws are small and short.

Don’t forget – Gon have practically the same proportions like the ordinary dragon.

how to draw Gon from Tekken


Step 3

In this step we will draw the eyes and the mandiblle. The maxilla is much thicker than the mandible. Another moment – the eye is formed by two lines: the upper line is straight, the lower line is rounded.

how to draw dragon anime


Step 4

Ok, now it’s time for detalisation. To draw details should be in the direction from head to tail.

How to draw Gon


Step 5

Let’s draw the final contours of the hund paws. Draw massive claws as you can see in our picture.

How to draw Gon step by step


Step 6

In this step, you should draw a crest on the back. Please note the smallest segments are at the tail. Also in this step, you should draw a flat horizontal segments that pass through the ventral side of the Gon’s body.

How to draw Gon


Step 7

The last step of this tutorial is drawing of very light shadows.

how to draw Gon manga

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