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How to draw Kazuya Mishima

how to draw kazuya mishima

Hello! Today we have prepeared for you a new drawing lesson about Kazuya Mishima. Jin is the main character of Tekken, very famous and quality videogame. Also Jin is the son of Heihachi Mishima, the main evil fighter from Tekken story.


Step 1

The first step in this drawing lesson is working on the stickman. Witout stickman we will not to be able to draw the muscles, closthes and other parts of our character. Kazuya has a athletic body. You can watch drawing lesson Superman – everything about the build stickman also applies to drawing stickman Kazuya.

how to draw Kazuya from Tekken


Step 2

In this step, you should add volume to the entire figure. First, draw large circles of shoulders, then combine them with head. To connect these parts of the body should be oblique lines, one on each side. Draw the parts of the arms (shoulders and forearms) using cylinders. The torso should taper to the waist. Also torso should widen to the side of the head – our character has a broad chest and strong back.

Then draw groin area. This area looks like a triangle.

Then draw the legs. The hips are located from the junction of the torso and legs to the knee joints. They formed a strong and voluminous wide and straight muscles (the two muscles are the anterior surface of the thigh, which we can see from this angle). Towards the knee thigh rather sharply narrowed.

Shanks are located between knee joint and foot. They form the characteristic thickening at the center of this leg, which then smoothly tapers to the foot.

Also in this step, you should draw two lines on the face Kazuya. The horizontal line indicates the location of the eyes, and vertical will show the facial symmetry.

how to draw Kazuya


Step 3

In this step, we should draw the basic facial features. Please note that our character’s head is tilted down. The location of the eyes and ears relative to each other should be emphasized that the position of the head. Perfect work, if it would seem that Kazuya looks at us askance.

how to draw kazuya tekken


Step 4

Now draw the face features in detail. There are a lot of wrinkles located between the eyes. Also wrincles are located under the eyes. Another thing – hair should be drawing in the direction from roots to the end.

how to draw kazuya mishima


Step 5

Let’s draw the body of our character. Draw the contours of the abdominal muscles and oblique lines of the ribs. Outline the contours of the pants, focusing on the shape of the legs. Hips wider than caviar, so the trousers are much tighter in the hips.

how to draw kazuya mishima step by step


Step 6

Draw the torso of our character in detail. Use short smooth lines, to define the main muscles of the arms and torso. Draw clenched fists. Don’t forget about the pattern on the gloves.

how to draw kazuya mishima from tekken


Step 7

Draw the feet and the outline of the pants.

how to draw kazuya mishima

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  1. While playing as Kazuya with Devil as his partner, instead of tagging in and out the two will simply transform into each other. This will not occur if Angel is his partner.

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