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How to Draw a Tea Bag

How to draw a tea bag

Today we will show you how to draw a tea bag. Many people believe that a tea bag worsens the taste of tea. Tea bags are also considered a kind of tea substitute. However, we would not have made any article on this site without a cup of tea with a tea bag.


Step 1

First, we will draw a non-symmetrical figure with a wide base that tapers upwards. This is the outline of the bag.

How to draw a tea bag


Step 2

Now let’s add a long vertical line to the left side of our bag to make a triangle like in our example. Also in this step, we draw a thread with a label.

How to draw a tea bag step by step


Step 3

In this step we erase all unnecessary lines from the previous steps to make our drawing cleaner. We also draw more lines for the thread and for the label.

Tea bag drawing tutorial


Step 4

We have done almost all the work. All we have to do is the drawing of the shadows.

Tea bag drawing tutorial

It was really simple drawing tutorial. We hope you like it! Goodbye and don’t forget to read us!

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