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How to Draw Anime People

How to draw anime people

In this drawing guide, we will show you how to draw anime people. today we’ll try to show you some basic principles for drawing anime characters.

Step 1

Let’s first determine the basic proportions of our character. In this drawing guide, we have a body type of a young man. Here we see a narrow oval of the head, high growth, long limbs, and the prevalence of shoulder width over the width of the pelvis.

How to draw anime people

Step 2

So in this step, we prepare our markup for the next steps. Firstly, we depict two crossed lines inside the contour of the face. The horizontal will help us outline the location of the eyes. A vertical line is a line that divides our character’s head into two equal halves. Like in other anime lessons, the line of the eyes is much lower than the conditional midpoint.

After that, we connect the head and body using a quite long cylinder. Also, we draw two more oblique lines to the arms from the corners of the neck. Finally, we draw an elongated angular figure instead of the oval of the pelvis and connect it to the chest with a pair of concave lines.

How to draw anime step by step boy

Step 3

Now we will work a little with the limbs of our anime character. In this step, we draw rough contours of the arms and legs. We decided to designate large joints in the form of balls and the remaining parts of the limbs in the form of cylinders. Try to avoid strong bends so as not to get an excessively physically developed character.

How to sketch anime

Step 4

We completed the work with the roughest and most rough outlines. Now let’s make it a little more precise and detailed. So, we will start with the face. We outline the approximate contours of the hairstyle and large, wide borders of the eyes. If you are planning some interesting hairstyles for this character, you can start creating it right in this step.

How to draw anime easy

Step 5

So we continue the guide on how to draw anime people. Add some small touches to mark the clothes of our anime guy. If you were thinking about becoming a clothing designer, now is the time to show your talent. You can choose clothes for every taste. We decided to choose a business style.

How to draw anime pictures

Step 6

Now it will be a very important point. Each drawing style has its own characteristics. The main feature of the anime is huge attention to the face and especially to the eyes. The eyes of the anime character are the most detailed part of the whole picture.

So, try to very accurately draw the final contours of the eyes and erase the extra guidelines. You can look into a special lesson on how to draw an anime face to make this step easier.

How to draw anime men

Step 7

Now let’s detail the clothes. Of course, the specific actions of this step are very dependent on the style of clothing you choose. In any case, do not forget about small details like folds of fabric or pockets. We also have a special lesson on how to draw anime clothes, do not forget to look there.

How to draw anime people step by step

Step 8

In this step, we will depict the final contours of the arms and sleeves. We should not draw fingers because our character prefers to keep hands in pockets. In fact, we were very lucky because we avoided a very difficult job.

Anime people to draw

Step 9

As you know, we have chosen a strict style of clothing. Therefore, we need to draw tight-fitting tight trousers. Do not forget to outline small folds at the proximal edges, as well as in the pelvic and knee joints.

Anime people drawing

Step 10

So we have an almost finished final sketch. Now we only need to apply some shadows. You can read a separate article about light and shadow in the visual arts. However, in this case, we simply apply a small hatch.

How to draw anime people

It was a guide on how to draw anime people. Sometimes you ask if we have special paid lessons. We do not create any paid content, all our drawing lessons are absolutely free and accessible to everyone. We will only be grateful for the feedback in the comments here and on our social networks.

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