How to Draw a Simple Rose

how to draw a simple rose

In this very easy drawing tutorial, the team of will show you how to draw a simple rose.

Earlier, we have repeatedly shown you a variety of ways to draw a rose. On the pages of, there were already both fairly simple instructions of drawing a rose, and more complex ones.

In this drawing lesson, we decided to show the simplest way to draw a rose.

The entire rose drawing tutorial is divided into ten very simple steps. Each step is super simple and has a short and very clear description. The team of hopes that even the most inexperienced artist can learn how to draw a rose with this tutorial.

So let’s get down to the tutorial on how to draw a simple rose.


Step 1

Start by sketching an oval for the bud. Next, sketch out the stem of the rose using a long and slightly curved line. The lines should be very light in order to be able to correct them in the future.

how to draw a flower

Step 2

From this step on, it is necessary to apply darker and sharper lines. At the top of the oval of the bud, sketch the outlines of the inner petals. The outline of the petals should be wavy.

how to draw a simple flower

Step 3

Now, with a couple more lines, sketch out the edges of the petals that surround the petals drawn earlier. Do not try to repeat all the outlines exactly, you can draw your own pattern of rose petals.

how to draw a simple and beautiful rose

Step 4

Continue drawing the petals of the rose. Each next row of petals should be larger than the previous one. Also, each new petal should be drawn around the petals from the previous steps.

how to draw a rose easy and simple

Step 5

Now sketch out the outer petals. They should be noticeably larger than any previously drawn petals. In addition, the outer petals should have more wavy contours than the others.

how to draw a simple rose step by step

Step 6

Use a smooth U-shaped line to correct the lower edge of the bud. Draw sepals below the rosebud using a few curved lines.

how to draw a simple rose flower

Step 7

Draw a stem with a couple of long and clear lines. Use a short oblique line to draw the lower edge of the stem. To make your rose drawing look more convincing and natural, you can add thorns.

how to draw a simple rose bud

Step 8

Take an eraser and remove any unnecessary auxiliary lines from your rose drawing. With a couple of curved lines, draw twigs on the sides of the stem.

how to draw a simple rose easy

Step 9

Draw the leaves using a few simple lines. The leaves as well as the petals should have wavy outlines. Don’t forget to draw the veins on the leaves.

how to draw a simple rose for beginners

Step 10

Compare your rose drawing with the example created by Try to find mistakes in your sketch and fix them. If there are no mistakes, and your rose drawing looks like ours, or even better, then this means that you have done an excellent job, and it’s time to move on to more complex drawing lessons.

how to draw a simple rose

To improve your rose drawing skill, try drawing this lovely flower from a different angle. Also, try drawing a bouquet of roses or a rose in a vase. In addition, you can add shadows or color your rose drawing. All these actions will help you hone your skills and teach you how to draw a rose without any difficulty.

The background will help your artwork look more natural. And of course, you are free to choose any background. You can draw both the interior of your own room and a mesmerizing garden with flowers. keeps repeating that the most important thing every artist should do is practice. The more often you draw, the more convincing and correct drawing you will get.

If for some reason you do not like your rose drawing, and you expected a different result, then do not worry. Just try it again, correcting the mistakes you made earlier. Not a single person has yet become an artist, barely picking up a pencil.

All great artists from Leonardo Da Vinci to Mark Bagley have become such as a result of many years of practice, and the team of believes that you can achieve incredible heights in art in the same way if you do not despair and draw a lot with us.

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