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How to Draw Angel from Marvel

How to draw Angel from Marvel

Today we will show you how to draw Angel from X-men. The creation of this lesson was a special treat for us because Angel is one of the very first members of the X-Men team. As you probably know we we like  classical comics heroes very much. And we hope that you too.



Step 1

The first action we will do is drawing of the stickman. We will do it to sketch out general proportions and posture of the character.  Before the beginning of drawing we advise look carefully at the proportions of this stickman. Look at the length of the head and relate it to growth stickman. The length of the head should be equal to 1/7-1/7.5 part of the growth. Shoulders should be significantly wider than the pelvis.

How to draw Angel Marvel


Step 2

In this step we will work with the volume and add flesh to the body of Angel. Sketch out the neck in the form of a cylinder.After that draw the body, which widens in the upper part and tapers to the belt. Also we draw arms and legs with the help of cylinders and circles, as it is shown in the picture below this text.

And the last step of this step is drawing the outline of the wings. Our hero has very large wings. Each wing in length is equal to the growth of the Angel.

How to draw Angel from Marvel


Step 3

In this step we will draw the most basic details. Moving from the head to the lrgs, first outline the hair, eyes, mouth and nose. And don’t forget that we draw Angel – we should draw the contours of the feathers inside the wings.

How to draw Angel Marvel step by step


Step 4

So from this step we will draw only final details. Using clear and dark lines, carefully draw out the contours of the face. Then draw the eyes, nose and mouth. After this action you can erase all unnecessary guidelines from the head.

Learn how to draw Angel from Marvel comics


Step 5

It’s time to draw a body. We carefully draw out the shape of thoracic and abdominal muscles. When you do it you can erase all unnecessary guidelines from the body and carefully draw the lines of the costume.

How to draw Angel from X-Men


Step 6

Now let’s draw the arms. First draw the large deltoid muscles, just below draw the biceps, triceps and muscles of the forearms. If you don’t know location of these muscles you can read this drawing tutorial (step 2). After that draw hands clenched into fists and erase all the guidelines.

How todraw Angel Marvel comics


Step 7

Let’s go down a bit and start working with the lower part of the Angel’s body. First draw clinging pants with minimal folds. Next, draw the leg muscles erasing all the extra lines from the first steps. Don’t forget to add some folds to the shoes.

How to draw Angel from Marvel


Step 8

After the completion of the detailing of the figure we usually start working with the shadows. But in this drawing tutorial we have a character with wings. So draw the outlines of the wings as shown in our example. Note that the lower laterally located feathers are very long.

How to draw Angel from X men


Step 9

In this final step (according to tradition) we will work with shadows. Draw the outlines of the shadows and then paint them in solid black. In order to make transitions between shadow and light, use a simple dense hatching.

How to draw Angel from Marvel

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