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How to Draw a Harp

how to draw a harp

Hello dear artists and art lovers! In today’s drawing lesson, we’ll show you how to draw a harp step by step. It is one of the oldest musical instruments, the symbol of Ireland. In the XVIII century, a pedal harp was invented, which became the standard in classical music.


Step 1

So, at first take a pencil in your hands and using light and straight lines an acute-angled triangle.

how to draw a harp

Step 2

In the upper part using two curved lines draw the upper edge of the harp. Add another line at the left and form the column of the harp.

how to draw a harp step by step

Step 3

Continue drawing the body of our harp and form the soundboard and circle pedestal of our harp.

learn to draw a harp with a pencil

Step 4

Erase all unnecessary guidelines from our harp drawing. Draw out the pedals.

how to draw a harp

Step 5

A very painstaking step in which we will have to draw the long and even strings of our harp.

harp drawing

Step 6

The last step of the article about how to draw a harp in which we need to add shadows using simple hatching.

how to draw a harp

Music and drawing are the two facets of a great and beautiful art, without which our life would be boring and gray. In today’s lesson we tried to combine these two facets of art and drew a harp. In the following drawing lessons we’ll show you how to draw a guitar, violin and other musical instruments. Subscribe to us on social networks and you will not miss a single new drawing lesson.

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