How to Draw a Red Panda

how to draw a Red Panda

What could be cuter than kittens? We think that nothing. But if there is something similar in the level of sweetness with kittens then it is a red panda. So, let’s start this drawing lesson and learn how to draw a red panda.

Step 1

At first sketch out our panda in a shape of simple ovals. Using simple lines draw the tail and limbs. As in all drawing lessons at the first steps we need to apply the lightest lines.

how to draw a Red Panda

Step 2

In our example the red panda will rest on a tree. So sketch out the branch and put our panda on it. Connect the ovals with simple lines and add some volume to the body our red panda. Sketch out the ears and muzzle.

learn to draw a Red Panda step by step

Step 3

Continue the drawing tutorial about how to draw a red panda. Let’s work a little on the details. Sketch out the eyes, nose and mouth.

Red Panda drawing tutorial

Step 4

So, starting with this step, we will with final details. Erase all the auxiliary lines from the head and make the lines fluffy like in our example. Draw the whiskers.

learn how to draw a Red Panda step by step

Step 5

This lesson seems difficult, but in fact it is not. Just erase all unnecessary lines and make the contours of the body fluffy using short strokes.

how to draw a Red Panda step by step

Step 6

A very simple step in which we will need to draw the texture of the branch on which our red panda sits. The lines should be the most curved and uneven.

Red Panda drawing

Step 7

Using hatches make the panda’s tail striped and paint the middle of the face. Now paint out the eyes and add shadows as in our example.

how to draw a Red Panda

Did you get the same pretty red panda as in our example? If so, write about it under this article, if not, go to the first step and try again and you will surely draw the same cute red panda.

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