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How to Draw a Horse Rider

How to draw a horse rider

Good day, dear beginners and professional artists and welcome to a new drawing lesson by Drawing For All on how to draw a horse rider. As you can see this will be a pretty hard task to draw a horse rider, especially a rider overcoming an obstacle, but we are fully confident that our readers are able to cope with this drawing lesson.


Step 1

At first we want to sketch out the head of the horse, then draw the long line of the spine. On this line is placed thorax and pelvis. Next, draw the limbs of our horse. Pay attention to the bends of the limbs. Outline the head and the spine of the rider, on which the chest and pelvis are located. Also with the help of simple lines we draw arms and feet of the rider.

how to draw a horse rider

Step 2

Now let’s add some flesh to the figure of the rider. Outline the shape of the torso as in our example. Next, using balls sketch out the shoulders and knees. With the help of cylindrical figures sketch out the arms and legs of our rider.

Learn to draw a horse rider

Step 3

Now let’s work with the figure of the horse. First of all sketch out the muzzle and ears. Next, outline the neck, expanding to the chest. Outline the horse’s long torso. Sketch out the front and hind legs. To learn more about the figure of a horse, visit the lesson on how to draw a horse.

How to draw a horse rider step by step

Step 4

Now let’s outline the main details on the body of the horse and rider. First of all, we draw a helmet, outlines of the face and outlines of the rider’s clothing. Now move to the horse and outline the eyes, nose, mouth and hair of our horse. Next, sketch out the reins in the hands of rider and saddle, on the tail draw hair lines.

How to draw a horse rider step by step

Step 5

Here we finish drawing the figure of the horse rider. Let’s start with the head and move down. Draw out the outline of the helmet and facial features. Next, carefully draw the outlines of the rider’s clothing using clear and dark lines and remove all unnecessary guidelines.

Learn to draw a horse rider

Step 6

Now let’s work with the details of the horse’s body. Carefully draw out all the necessary lines on the horse’s body, detailing all parts of the body and removing all unnecessary guidelines. If you think that in this lesson the principles of drawing a horse body are not described in sufficient detail, visit the lesson about a horse.

How to draw a horse rider

Step 7

If you look at your drawing and understand that you are happy with it, that is, nothing needs to be corrected, it means it’s time to work with shadows. Having determined the light source, we need to put shadows on those parts of our drawing where the light does not fall. Take the pencil in your hand more conveniently and start hatching.

How to draw a horse rider

Today we showed you how to draw a horse rider. Pay attention to the horse’s pose, as it is quite complicated. Note that you can draw obstacle through which the horse jumps. We also advise you to learn how to draw a horseman in a variety of poses, for this use photos of riders from the Internet. There is another very important advice that we often give in our articles about drawing. You can check all the proportions of your drawing by simply bringing it to the mirror, and then all the mistakes and infidelities in the drawing will be very noticeable.

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