How to Draw an MP3 player

how to draw an MP3 player

Hello dear artists. Now, in the age of iPhones and iPads such a common thing in past as an MP3 player has ceased to be the object of necessity. But today we decided to remember this thing and made a lesson about how to draw an MP3 player.


Step 1

So, as in the lesson about a smartphone, at first we draw a simple rectangle.

how to draw an MP3 player

Step 2

Now inside the rectangle from the first step we draw another rectangle. A little lower draw a circular button.

learn to draw an MP3 player step by step

Step 3

Using very light lines sketch out the headphones (by the way, if you want, you can draw big headphones).

how to sketch an MP3 player

Step 4

Now with the help of clear and dark lines draw out the headphones, not forgetting the holes and inscriptions on them.

MP3 player drawing

Step 5

Delete all unnecessary guidelines and add some glare and shadows using hatching.

how to draw an MP3 player

In this lesson we showed you how to draw an MP3 player step by step. If you liked this lesson, we are more than sure that you will really like our section called “Electronics”.

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