How to Draw a Rabbit for Kids

drawing rabbit


Hello everyone! In today’s drawing tutorial we will show you how to draw a rabbit. This incredibly charming big-eared small animal is a hero of different cartoons and fairy tales.

And the rabbit in today’s tutorial will be in cartoon style. So, let’s start this drawing tutorial and learn how to draw a rabbit for kids!

Step 1

At first draw an oval as a guide for the head. Note: in the first steps you should use light and smooth lines for drawing.

how to draw a rabbit for kids


Step 2

At this step in tutorial about how to draw a rabbit for children, we outline a body. Below the oval from the next step draw two ovals under each other. Using curved lines sketch out hands and legs of the rabbit. The general shapes are ready.

how to draw a rabbit for children


Step 3

At this step we draw the face of the rabbit. Using ovals outline the eye and the area around the eye. Using a curved line draw the outline of the cheek right below the eye. Sketch out the contours of the nose, lips and teeth. Draw a couple of elongated ears.

how to draw a rabbit for kids


Step 4

Erase the guidelines. Darken and smoothen the lines of the head of the rabbit. Draw the pupil in the eye. Draw the internal part of the ear.

how to draw a rabbit for beginners


Step 5

So we got to the last step of the tutorial about how to draw a rabbit for children. Erase all the remaining guidelines. Circle the lines of the body of the rabbit. Make them smooth and clean. Draw the fingers on the hands and feet. Draw the strip on the chest. Using a semicircle draw the tail.

drawing rabbit


It was drawing tutorial about how to draw a rabbit step by step for kids. We hope this tutorial was interesting and informative for you. If you want to try to draw something more complex, visit our drawing lessons about how to draw Wolverine or how to draw Sub-Zero. Goodbye!

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