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How to Draw a Pan

how to draw a pan

Artists of DrawingForAll welcomes you on the pages of your site! Here we prepared for you a drawing tutorial about how to draw a pan.

Step 1

Using a flat oval draw out the top edges of the pan.

 how to draw a pan

Step 2

Using a curved line draw out the bottom of the our pan.

how to draw a pan step by step

Step 3

Also using a curved line draw the inner edge of the bottom of the pan.

drawing tutorial

Step 4

A very simple step in which we draw a handle fastener.

how to draw a pan

Step 5

Draw a handle that can be similar to ours or made in a simpler form.

draw a pan

Step 6

Here is the last step. Using a simple hatching add shadows like in our example.

how to draw a pan


So, it was a drawing drawing lesson on how to draw a frying pan step by step. Do not forget that we have not only our site, but also pages in social networks. So do not forget to subscribe and share this and all our other drawing lessons.


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