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How to Draw an Asparagus

Asparagus drawing

It’s time for very simple drawing guides. Not everyone likes to eat such products as asparagus, but probably any aspiring artist would like to learn how to draw this vegetable correctly.

And as you understand, today we will draw this very asparagus. This lesson (like all our other sketching lessons) will be divided into several very simple lines, so this simple vegetable will be even easier to draw. So let’s get down to this super simple tutorial on how to draw asparagus.

Step 1

First, we just draw the contours of the stem. Make this contour rough and unbalanced. In step one, we will try to make the lines not only uneven, but also very light.

How to draw an asparagus

Step 2

Now we will draw scales. It looks like a few sharp corners that are located on the stem. Notice that the scales become much bigger to the tip of the stalk.

How to draw asparagus step by step

Step 3

In this step we just erase the extra guidelines. Also, according to tradition, we carefully trace the lines to make them much darker. You should get something like this:

How to draw asparagus easy

Step 4

And now we need to draw the shadows. You can choose any position of light and shadow. In our case, the light falls from above, which means we will draw the shadow from below. Do not forget about the shadow on the surface of the ground.

Asparagus drawing

As we said at the very beginning of this article, this lesson will be very simple. Just four simple steps and now you can draw an asparagus. Do not forget to write your opinion about this drawing tutorial in the comments. We read all of your comments and take them into account when creating new drawing lessons. In addition, we very often take ideas for future lessons from comments that our readers write on our website or in our social networks. We look forward to seeing you in our new articles!

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  1. this tutorial really did not help me make the perfect asparagus im sorry but you need to put more effort and explain how to properly do all the steps, i struglled making the top of the asparagus and could not figure out how to make it identical to the on ein the photo like you said i would be able to. you guys need to add a bit more steps and explain better how to make all the triangles on the asparagus. Also, the shading part was very unclear to the point where i could not do it im sorry

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