How to Draw the Silver Surfer

how to draw silver surfer

Hello, dear artists and lovers of the Marvel universe. In this drawing tutorial we will show you how to draw the Silver Surfer. As you know it is a popular superhero Marvel Comics. Along with Fantastic Four and Spider-Man is one of the most popular and famous heroes. The Silver Surfer was created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. The Silver Surfer first appears in the Fantastic Four comic # 48 (March 1966).


Step 1

A drawing if man always begins with a skeleton. The skeleton consists of a head that is drawn in the form of an oval. Under the head draw a line of the spine, on which we draw the chest and pelvis. Using simple lines draw the arms and legs, not forgetting to sketch out the joints.

how to draw silver surfer

Step 2

Here sketch out the lines of symmetry of the face, as shown in our example. Add volume to the skeleton. Next sketch out torso that narrows in the waist area. Next sketch out the shoulders in the form of circles, arms and legs in the form of long cylinders. Sketch out the board under the feet of the Silver Surfer.

how to draw silver surfer step by step

Step 3

Let’s move on to the final details of our superhero. Here we will draw out the face. On the horizontal line draw the eyes, below the eyes draw the nose and mouth.

draw a marve superhero

Step 4

Here we finish drawing the head of our Silver Surfer. Draw out the outline of the head as shown in our example. Add the necessary wrinkles and lines on the face.

learn how to draw a silver surfer

Step 5

Let’s go down a bit and draw out the torso. Erasing all unnecessary and additional lines from the first steps draw out the torso, pectorals and abdominals.

how to draw superhero

Step 6

In the same way draw out the hands of our Silver Surfer, erasing all the extra lines. Draw lines of biceps, triceps and forearms. At the end of this step draw the hands (to learn more about this, visit the lesson on how to draw hands).

silver surfer drawing superhero

Step 7

We almost finished the lesson on how to draw the Silver Surfer. Erasing all the extra lines from the first two steps draw out the legs and leg muscles as shown in our example.

learn how to draw silver surfer

Step 8

Probably the easiest step in this drawing lesson. Here we need only to draw out the long board using straight lines and longitudinal lines on the board.

how to draw silver surfer from marvel

Step 9

So we got to the last step in the drawing lesson on how to draw the Silver Surfer step by step. Using strongly curved lines add glare as shown in our example.

how to draw silver surfer

It was quite difficult, but we got a very cool drawing of the Silver Surfer. If you like everything, then do not forget to subscribe to us in social networks and share this drawing lesson.

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