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How to Draw a Pear Step by Step

Pear drawing

It’s time for another basic fruit drawing tutorial. We have already drawn many exotic and tropical plants.

 And now we will draw the fruit that grows next to us. It is time to recall one of the most popular and common fruits.Therefore, today we will tell you about how to draw a pear. Of course, there are many different varieties of pears. Unfortunately, we do not understand gardening at all. So, in order not to confuse anything, we decided to draw an ordinary classic pear. By the way, in real life, it would be pretty tasty.


Step 1

First, we sketch the outlines of the pear. If you make it too smooth and symmetrical you will get a figure that similar to a light bulb. This is a sketch of the pear, which must be made with very light lines. Do not press too hard on the pencil, because in the future we will correct and redo the lines on our pear drawing.

How to draw a pear easy step by step

Step 2

At the top of the figure we draw a stem and a leaf of the pear. As you can see the lines in the second step of the guide on how to draw a pear are also very light. To slightly change your fruit drawing, you can draw two or three leaves of different sizes. We did this in our drawing guide about the mandarin.

How to draw a pear easy

Step 3

Now we will make our drawing of a pear more natural and beautiful. With clear and dark lines draw out the lines and remove unnecessary auxiliary guidelines from the pear drawing. Now let’s work on the edges of the leaf of the pear. We need to make them jagged. Also in this step we draw out the veins inside the outline of a leaf.

How to draw a pear fruit

Step 4

And in this final step we will draw some shadows. It makes our peer drawing more voluminous and realistic. Shadows need to be drawn using dense hatching. To make the shadows darker, add another layer of hatching to your drawing. Do not forget to draw the shadows on the surface.

How to draw a pear

The team of Drawingforall.net really hope that you could learn how to draw a pear with the help of our easy but rather realistic drawing guide. This is actually a very important tutorial, as a pear is one of the basic subjects that all artists should know how to draw. You can use the steps and tips from this drawing tutorial to draw this fruit separately, or as part of a still life. Try to draw a vase with a juicy pear next to an apple and a bunch of grapes. You can also add such minutiae as a knife or a cup, so that the still-life that you draw will become more realistic and natural. If you do not get the best result, you should look at the steps and find exactly where you made a mistake. You can go back to the first step and try to draw a pear from the very beginning, correcting all the errors and inaccuracies.

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