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How to Draw Slenderman

how to draw slenderman

Hello, dear artists! In today’s drawing lesson, we will show you how to draw Slenderman. This character was created by the imagination of the inhabitants of one of online forums dedicated to mystical heroes, monsters and ghosts.

 The story of Slenderman is a classic urban legend, a scary urban myth. So, let’s learn how to draw Slenderman.


Step 1

At first draw the stickman – man made of circles and lines. The stickman will help us to indicate the proportions of the character and its position on the paper. Using an oval draw the outlines of the head. Using simple lines draw the spine, arms and legs. Note, that unlike the ordinary person, such as a doctor, the stickman has a very disproportionate figure.

how to draw slenderman


Step 2

Draw two lines that connect the head and shoulders – they must be similar to the sides of the triangle. By smooth lines outline the arms, so they were like elongated cylinders.

how to draw slenderman step by step


Step 3

Using a couple of lines draw the collar of the jacket. Sketch out the hands.

how to draw slenderman with a pencil


Step 4

Draw the contours of the lower part of the torso and legs. So, the main outlines of Slenderman are ready.

slenderman drawing


Step 5

Erase the guidelines from the upper part of Slenderman. Circle the lines to make them clean as in our example. Draw the collar of the shirt and tie. Add some folds to the jacket.

how to draw slenderman for beginners


Step 6

Draw the hands and long bony fingers of Slenderman. Add some fields to the sleeves of the jacket.

how to draw slenderman


Step 7

Ok, now draw the lower torso. Just erase the guidelines and draw the lower part of the jacket. Add the buttons and folds.

how to draw slenderman step by step


Step 8

At this step we finish the tutorial about how to draw Slenderman. Erase the guidelines from the legs. Circle the lines of the legs to make them smooth and clean as in our example. Add some folds, as in our example.

how to draw slenderman


It was the drawing lesson about how to draw Slenderman step by step. If you like this drawing lesson, subscribe to our updates in Google Plus. Goodbye!

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