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How to Draw a Thermometer

Thermometer pencil drawing


Hello, everybody! In today’s drawing lesson we will show you how to draw a thermometer. And we are going to draw the classic mercury thermometer. Today, these thermometers are used very rarely because of the fact that mercury is very toxic. So, let’s start the tutorial and learn how to draw a mercury thermometer!


Step 1

First things first we draw an elongated oval. It would be very good if you could draw the thermometer without a ruler.

How to Draw a Thermometer


Step 2

Then draw a straight (as an arrow) line that runs in the middle of the figure from the previous step.

How to Draw a mercury Thermometer


Step 3

Using a curved line draw the stem on the left side of the thermometer.

How to Draw a Thermometer step by step


Step 4

Using two long and straight lines draw the capillary of mercury. Outline the mercury bulb.

How to Draw a Thermometer with a pencil


Step 5

So, we got to the last step in the tutorial on how to draw a thermometer. Draw the scale and numbers on the thermometer. Add some shadows.

Thermometer pencil drawing


It was the drawing lesson on how to draw a thermometer step by step. We hope you enjoyed the tutorial. If the tutorial was too easy for you, we recommend you our lessons about Wolverine or a Samurai. Stay tuned and wait for new drawing lessons by drawingforall.net. Goodbye!


  1. I have one confusion it is right or wrong because in book there is given different range .

  2. Goood, i love your drawings. Thank you very much for your website!

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