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How to Draw a Bow Weapon

How to Draw a Bow Weapon

Hello dear artists and welcome to drawing tutorial on how to draw a bow! Perhaps this is the oldest ranged weapon in the history of mankind. Along with the sword, this weapon was the main instrument of war for many millennia.


Step 1

First, draw a long curved line. This line should be curved evenly.

How to Draw a Bow Weapon

Step 2

Draw another curved line. These two lines should be closer to each other at the tips of the bow.

How to Draw a Bow

Step 3

In the center draw the grip of the bow. Draw out the tips as in our example.

How to Draw a Bow step by step

Step 4

Between the two tips draw the string using a straight line.

Bow drawing

Step 5

Add some shadows on one side of the bow using light hatching.

How to Draw a Bow Weapon

In this lesson we taught you how to draw a bow. We try to make our lessons most accessible to all our readers, and you can help us make the lessons even better and more interesting, you just need to share them with your friends. Also do not forget that on our site there is a huge number of drawing lessons about the most different types of weapons, in the “Weapons” category.


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