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How to Draw an Anteater

how to draw a anteater

Hello everybody! In recent lessons we drew a lot of strange animals, such as nasua, muskox and opossum. And in this article we decided to continue the established tradition of drawing strange animals and show you how to draw an anteater.


Step 1

We draw the head and body of the anteater with the help of three ovals of different sizes. Using simple lines sketch out the limbs and tail.

how to draw an anteater

Step 2

Extend the muzzle and make the limbs thicker. Draw the lower edge of the tail and move to the next step.

learn to draw an anteater

Step 3

Connect the details of the drawing with simple lines. Draw claws and add hair texture as in our example.

anteater drawing tutorial

Step 4

So. Erase all unnecessary lines from the drawing. Draw out all the details as in our example. Do not forget to draw long claws.

anteater drawing

Step 5

Darken basically the lower part of the torso, tail and neck. Paint the nose and eyes. Our anteater is ready.

how to draw a anteater

It was a fairly simple drawing lesson in which we showed you how to draw an anteater. If you want to be aware of all the new drawing lessons subscribe to us on social networks.

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