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How to Draw a Plum

Plum drawing

There are many different topics of drawing lessons on our site, and one of the most popular is the category where we show how to draw fruits. On drawingforall.net we already have lessons about pears, apples and cherries, and now we want to show you how to draw a plum.


Step 1

Like almost all of our fruit drawing lessons, this lesson about a plum will begin with a simple circle outlined with very light lines.

How to draw a plum

Step 2

At the very top of the plum sketch out the outlines of the stem and leaf. Very light lines are also used here.

How to draw a plum step by step

Step 3

Now draw a vertical line that visually divides the plum into two parts. Draw out the plum with darker lines and delete the unnecessary lines.

How to draw a plum easy

Step 4

Let’s draw some shadows now so that our plum looks more voluminous and realistic. Do not forget to draw the cast shadow.

How to draw a plum

We think that our lesson about how to draw a plum will be simple and accessible to each of our readers, and both a professional artist and a beginner will be able to cope with it. By the way, drawingforall.net has a large number of simple and complex lessons that are waiting for you.

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