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How to Draw an Anime Girl Body

How to draw an anime girl body

In one of the previous instructions, the team of Drawingforall.net described how to draw a male anime figure, and now we will show you how to draw a female anime figure. The basic principles of building the male and female bodies are actually the same, but nevertheless there are some obvious differences, which we describe in detail in this lesson about how to draw an anime girl body.


Step 1

To properly depict a female anime figure, first we depict a skeleton. Start with the head, sketching it in the form of an egg-shaped figure. Note that the female head should be narrower at the chin. Next, draw a line of the spine and place on it a rib cage and pelvis. The hips in the female figure should be noticeably wider than the shoulders. With simple lines mark arms and legs.

How to draw an anime body female

Step 2

On the head, mark a crosshair, which further will help us depict the details of the face. Next, we outline a narrow neck and torso. An important difference between a female figure and a male one is that a female figure should be strongly narrowed at the waist and then greatly expanded in the hips.

How to draw a female anime body

Step 3

With the help of cylindrical figures for the upper arm and forearm and balls for the shoulders and elbows, depict the arms of the girl. Continuing the torso lines, depict the wide hips, which are narrowed at the knees and then slightly expanded in the area of the calf muscles.

Anime girl body sketch

Step 4

Using light and simple lines, mark the eyes, guided by the lines from the second stage. Next, using a pair of simple lines, mark the nose and mouth. Depict the outline of anime hairstyles. Move to the body, sketching the fingers and toes. The anime girl body sketch is done, and it’s time to move to the final details.

Anime girl body outline

Step 5

Now, using clear and dark lines, carefully trace the large and expressive eyes, adding pupils and simple eyebrows. Next, trace the neat nose and mouth. Next, draw the hair in all the details, as is done by the artists of Drawingforall.net. Now grab an eraser and clear all unnecessary guidelines from the head of the anime girl.

Draw anime girl body

Step 6

Continuing the lines of the head trace the neck, which smoothly goes into the torso. Carefully trace all the details of the torso, as sketched by our artists. When tracing the torso, consider the shape of the few muscles and bones under the skin. Complete the sixth stage by removing all unnecessary guidelines from the torso.

Step 7

Continuing the shoulder lines, carefully trace the upper limbs. Be especially careful when you draw anime hands. Pay attention that most often women’s arms should be much thinner than men’s. Finalize the seventh stage of the instruction on how to draw an anime body by erasing all unnecessary guidelines from the upper body.

Drawing anime female body

Step 8

In the eighth stage, we will finish drawing the figure of the anime girl. Continuing the lines of the torso, carefully trace the lines of the hips and legs. And finish this stage with an eraser, removing all remaining guidelins and making the anime girl legs neat and clean.

How to draw an anime female body

Step 9

The ninth stage of the instruction on how to draw an anime girl figure will be devoted to the final touches, or rather to the shadows. First, determine the light source, then mark the areas where you will add shadows. Next, fill the shaded areas with hatching, like the artists of Drawingforall.net did.

How to draw an anime girl body

Using the instruction on how to draw an anime girl body, you can easily draw any anime person. Try now to draw an anime female figure from other points of view, add clothes and various other details. If this article was useful and interesting for you, then share it with those who are also interested in the subject of anime. We are waiting for your subscriptions in our social networks, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Deviantart.


    1. yeah you need to learn to do some things before just stepping in and doing the main thing also practice is important.

  1. Whilst this is a pretty solid template, would you recommend any way to get correct posture and proportions that don’t look too off?As an amateur a drawer;it’s rather easy for me to draw inanimate objects due to not having to have an emphasis on expressions or posture with say; an animal.

  2. I am 11 I am very good at drawing anime to impress my friends and this tutorial was very helpful for me since I have never drawn a full body before. I only draw either the heads alone or the waist and upper body with the head.

    1. same i am also eleven and i love drawing anime but i think the legs are to fat in the tutorial.

      1. It is so wrong that you think the legs are too fat in this. If you are 11, you shouldn’t have any worry about weight issues. If anything this picture is too skinny. Go be a kid. Don’t let the world around you tell you how you, or anyone else should look. You can enjoy drawing things like this. Just please remember it’s a drawing, and a lot of the time, unrealistic and an unfair representation of the human body, generally female.

        1. Hi. In this drawing lesson, we focused precisely on the fact that this is an anime body. That is, not the figure of a real person, but the figure of an anime character. Different areas of art have different rules for creating characters. In anime, for example, you can often find hypertrophied and unrealistic figures of both men and women. Anime characters are often much taller and thinner than real people. In comics, all heroes and villains have figures that are far from the physique of the average person. For example, on the street, you rarely meet a person with the physique of Superman or Thor. In art, this technique is called exaggeration. This technique was invented thousands of years ago. You may have seen thousands of Greek and Roman sculptures, and almost all of them are very different from the average person. Our task, as honest teachers of drawing, is to show how to draw in a particular style and show techniques from different types of art. And the hallmarks of anime are unrealistic faces and bodies. And in this drawing lesson, we just showed how to draw such an unrealistic face and body of an average anime character. If we called the lesson “how to draw an anime body” and showed how to draw a realistic human figure with realistic proportions, then we would deceive our readers. That is why, in this lesson, we drew an anime body exactly as it is done in anime. If you want to learn how to draw a realistic girl, then you can check out our lessons “how to draw a girl” and “how to draw a girl step by step”. The girls from these drawing lessons are our friends and in reality, they look exactly as we drew them.

        2. I am eleven, and I totally agree with this! I deal with depression, and weight is a big thing in my depression episodes. You make me feel so much better!

          1. Hello dear reader. We know that depression is a very serious problem. We are committed to supporting you in your recovery and we believe you will succeed. If we can help you with something, then let us know about it. We are always on your side.

  3. Cool! I tried it! It turned out great! This is not the first time I tried it out though.

  4. I love it there are many reasons I can explain HOT, an easy tutorial, anime, the shape, the size, the skinniness, her hair, her legs, and everything. THIS MUST BE AN ANIME ABOUT HER.😍

  5. This really helped me with a school project where we were drawing a superhero or a model person! Thanks for making this tutorial!

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