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How to Draw a Ladder

How to draw a ladder

In this drawing tutorial the team of Drawingforall.net will show you how to draw a ladder, an object that will be useful for drawing not only for a beginning artist, but also a professional one. To draw a ladder is actually not difficult, because it consists of a large number of straight lines located at certain angles. And the most difficult thing in all this action is to draw all these lines correctly and preferably without using help tools such as a ruler. As always, we have divided the drawing instruction about a ladder into six very easy steps consisting of even more simple and uncomplicated actions.


Step 1

Start drawing the stepladder with the simplest – draw four simple lines as shown in the drawing from the artists of Drawingforall.net. To practice your straight line drawing skill follow these steps without a ruler.

How to draw a ladder step by step

Step 2

Now we draw four more lines collected in two pairs. The lines gathered in pairs should be closer than in the first step. So, the basic section of the ladder is drawn, and now we will add smaller details to our sketch.

How to draw a ladder for beginners

Step 3

A very simple step in which we depict the top cap with a pair of long and a pair of short lines. When drawing the stepladder try to observe the proportions so that the drawing does not look flat or disproportionate.

How to sketch a ladder

Step 4

Draw the steps of the stepladder. At the upper steps, the lower surface is visible, and at the lower ones surface is visible. This gives our drawing stairs a voluminous look.

How to draw a ladder easy

Step 5

Now grab an eraser and begin removing unnecessary guidelines from the self-supporting stepladder drawing. Now add spreaders on the side of the ladder.

Ladder drawing tutorial

Step 6

Now with an eraser remove any remaining unnecessary auxiliary lines and draw shadows. In our example, the light falls from above, which means that the shadows should lie in inaccessible to light places.

How to draw a ladder

The guide on how to draw a ladder will be very useful for anyone who wants to learn to make straight lines. If you couldn’t depict a perfectly flat stepladder from the first time, then try until your ladder drawing is similar to what is presented by the artists of Drawingforall.net.

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