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How to Draw an Anime Body

How to draw an anime body

The team of Drawingforall.net set out to describe how to draw everything related to anime, and we believe that the first thing to learn is how to draw an anime body. That is, if you depict an anime person, then you definitely need to be able to draw an anime body. We have divided this sketching instruction on how to draw an anime body into nine simple stages and collected for you all the basic principles of sketching an anime body.


Step 1

To properly depict an anime body, you first need to sketch the skeleton. The first thing to create is the head. Next, depict the spine, chest and pelvis. Finish the step outlining the limbs.

Anime body drawing tutorial

Step 2

Draw a crosshair on the head for future details of the face. Next, we create a neck in the form of a cylinder and a torso, which should taper slightly at the waist.

How to draw anime body poses

Step 3

With the help of simple geometric figures similar to cylinders add some volume on the limbs of our anime. With the help of balls create joints in the anime body drawing.

How to draw anime body step by step for beginners

Step 4

Let’s start adding the crucial details to the anime body drawing. Let’s begin with the head, sketching the features of the face using the crosshair on the face from the second stage.

How to draw an anime body for beginners

Step 5

Using smooth lines, gently connect the details and formulate the smooth outlines of the body. If you did everything right, then your anime body sketch should look like this at the fifth stage.

How to draw an anime body easy

Step 6

Using clear and dark lines, trace the details of the face as shown in the example of the artists of Drawingforall.net. Remove all unnecessary guidelines from the face with an eraser.

How to draw an anime body step by step easy

Step 7

Now using clear and dark lines trace the torso and arms. Form the muscles and fingers as the Drawingforall.net artists did. Remove unwanted guidelines from the upper body.

How to draw an anime body step by step

Step 8

Now do the same, but with the lower part of the anime body drawing. That is, we need to trace the legs, form muscles and toes, and complete the stage by removing all the remaining unnecessary guidelines.

How to draw anime body male

Step 9

Now with the help of hatching draw shadows so that your anime body drawing has a depth, roundness and mass. First, depict the outlines of the contours of the shadows and then paint over the shadows with the help of hatching.

How to draw an anime body

In this instruction, the team of Drawingforall.net showed you how to draw an anime body. Now with the help of this guide you can depict absolutely any anime. You can add clothing items, change some details to vary your anime body drawing. So, we are looking forward to your wishes and comments about this and our other tutorials. And we are waiting for your subscriptions on your pages in Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Pay special attention to the Pinterest (where we publish many different shortened versions of our lessons and interesting artworks) and Facebook (where we publish announcements of upcoming articles and also different artworks).


  1. It helped a little this was my first time drawing something like this

  2. Thank you very much if you dig deep if the drawing you are really explaining the anatomy of the body and it was very helpful Thank you very much

  3. I like to learn draw and how to draw so can you teach me how to draw and learn it okay.

  4. damn i thought this would be hard iv’e never drawn anime or even attempted it but it was easy thanks to the steps it really helped thx

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