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How to Draw a Yuan-Ti

yuan ti drawing

Hello, dear artists. In previous drawing lessons we showed you how to draw very popular characters from various fantasy worlds. So we have already drew a stone golem, phoenix and ogre. But today we will tell you about a much less well-known monster from fantasy. So, meet the lesson on how to draw a Yuan-Ti.


Step 1

We usually start drawing from the character’s skeleton. But as you can see, in this lesson the skeleton is not quite normal. So, first of all we sketch out the head with the help of a circle. Next, draw a neck that goes into the spine and a long, wriggling tail. Then sketch out the chest of our Yuan-Ti and arms.

how to draw a yuan ti

Step 2

So, let’s add some volume to the figure of our being. First of all sketch out a horizontal line for the eyes. Next draw a hood and a wide neck. Draw out the torso, which flows into the tail. Next, outline the arms with simple geometric shapes and a saber clenched in the hand.

how to draw a yuan ti from dungeons and dragons

Step 3

Now let’s move on to the details. We draw the outlines of the head as shown in our example. Draw out the evil eyes, nostrils and big mouth. Connect the geometric figures from the previous step and outline the muscles of the Yuan-Ti. Make the outlines of the sabre more clean.

how to sketch a yuan ti from fantasy

Step 4

Gently erase all unnecessary lines from the first steps to make your drawing cleaner. Draw out the muscle lines and transverse lines on the front of the body.

how to draw a yuan ti

Step 5

So we got to the last step in the drawing lesson about how to draw a Yuan-Ti. Using light hatching add shadows to the body of our monster. It will make our drawing more voluminous and realistic. Also add some glare to the surface of the saber with the help of short strokes.

yuan ti drawing

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