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How to Draw a Cauliflower

How to draw a cauliflower

Now there is a huge number of different genres of drawing, but probably one of the most ancient is still life, the style of which includes this lesson about how to draw a cauliflower.
In fact, it is very easy to draw a cauliflower, but in the process of drawing there are still many nuances and tricks that you can use to make the drawing of your vegetable more natural and realistic.


Step 1

Cauliflower is a very simple object, which is based on a simple and not very uniform circle. You need to sketch this simple geometric shape with very light pressing on the pencil, so that in the last steps we can easily add changes to your cauliflower drawing.

How to draw a cauliflower

Step 2

The second step of the guide on how to draw a cauliflower will be even easier than the first. Here we just need to outline the petals, slightly tapering upwards. The leaves should not be very smooth, as you can see in the drawing from the artists of Drawingforall.net.

How to draw a cauliflower step by step

Step 3

One of the most distinctive features of cauliflower is its wavy contours. Using winding lines, sketch the texture of the cauliflower as drawn by the artists of Drawingforall.net. This third step of the instruction on how to draw cauliflower should also be performed using very light, almost transparent lines.

How to draw a cauliflower easy

Step 4

This step of the guide about drawing a cauliflower will be quite difficult, because here we will need to circle the entire drawing of cauliflower, giving it a final and clean look. To make the vegetable drawing even cleaner, remove all remaining unnecessary lines using an eraser.

How to draw a cauliflower plant

Step 5

What can make your drawing cauliflower more voluminous and beautiful? Of course the shadows. Here we decided to draw shadows using classic hatching. You can experiment with the appearance of your drawing by changing the style of the shadows, or add a little color.

Cauliflower drawing

As we said in the last step of the lesson, you can color your cauliflower drawing. But beyond that, you can vary your drawing in other ways. For example, you can create a whole still life using this drawing lesson. You can draw not one, but several cauliflowers, and put next to them, for example, several tomatoes and a jug.

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