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How to Draw a Xiphos

how to draw a Xiphos

Hello dear readers and welcome to the drawing tutorial on how to draw a xiphos! Xiphos is a Greek straight double-edged short sword about 60 cm long. One of the features is that the blade of the xiphos resembles a leaf of a tree. This sword, as we have already said, was common in Greece, then spread to neighboring countries.


Step 1

Despite the fact that the sword is curved from both sides itself is straight. In order to make it straight let’s draw a straight line.

How to draw a Xiphos

Step 2

The majority of swords on our site that we drew have round pommels, but the xiphos has a cylindrical pommel.

Xiphos drawing step by step

Step 3

Let’s draw the grip of the xiphos. As you can see in the center it is slightly convex.

learn to draw a Xiphos

Step 4

Continue the drawing tutorial on how to draw a xiphos. In this step we draw the guard.

learn to draw a Xiphos

Step 5

But the sword is not a sword if it does not have a blade. So draw a characteristic double-edged curved blade of our xyphos.

how to draw a greek sword

Step 6

Very simple, even an elementary step – just erase the line from the first step from the pen.

Xiphos drawing

Step 7

And this step is already quite complicated – using classic hatching we draw out the shadows and using several short strokes sketch out the glare on the blade.

how to draw a Xiphos

Our xyphos looks realistic enough, does not it? If you like this topic, do not forget to visit our lessons about other types of weapons, such as a claymore sword and a spear.

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