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How to Draw a Gladius

how to draw a Gladius

Hello dear readers and artists and welcome to drawing tutorial on how to draw a gladius! Gladius is a Roman short sword (up to 60 centimeters). Presumably, it was borrowed (and perfected) by the Romans from the ancient inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula.


Step 1

Gladius is an absolutely straight sword. In order to make it straight draw a straight line that will pass through the center of the sword.

how to draw a Gladius

Step 2

At the end of the line we draw a pommel in circle shape.

learn to draw a Gladius

Step 3

Gladius has a very unusual figured grip that allows to hold the sword better.

learn how to draw a Gladius

Step 4

Continue drawing the gladius. Draw the guard in the form of a semicircle as in our example.

draw a Gladius

Step 5

Draw the not very long (because the gladius is a short sword), wide and slowly narrowing blade.

how to draw a Gladius

Step 6

Erase the line from the first step, leaving the part of the line only on the blade of our gladius.

Gladius drawing

Step 7

Add shadows with slightly inclined hatching and glare using inclined short strokes on the blade.

how to draw a Gladius

Drawing lesson in which we talked about how to draw a gladius finished. In one of the previous lessons, we told how to draw a xyphos – an ancient Greek sword. In addition, on the pages of our site there is a huge amount of lessons about weapons, for example, how to draw a spear or claymore.

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