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How to Draw a Princess Dress

How to draw a princess dress

On the pages of Drawingforall.net, we have already described you how to draw a princess, and today, in continuation of this subject, we decided to show you how to draw a princess dress. We decided to do this instruction about drawing a princess dress in a fairly realistic style, with all the necessary details and shadows.


Step 1

We begin to draw a princess dress with the two most simple trapezoidal geometric shapes. The upper trapezoid covers the torso, and expands upwards, and the lower trapezoid covers the lower part of the body and greatly expands downwards.

How to draw a princess dress

Step 2

With the help of four simple cylinders depict the sleeves of the gown. In the upper part sketch out the outlines of a wide collar, lying on the shoulders of the princess. The sketch of the princess dress is complete, and starting from the next stage we will actively depict the details using clear and dark lines.

How to draw a princess dress easy

Step 3

Let’s start depicting the details from the upper part of the princess dress. First of all we trace the wide collar, adding the necessary folds to it. Next, draw the torso, given the curves of the body under the dress. Clear this part of the picture, removing unnecessary lines with an eraser.

How to draw a princess dress step by step

Step 4

This step of the instruction on how to draw a princess dress will be as simple as the second stage. Using flowing lines, trace the arms, taking into account all the curves of the arms under the sleeves. Add the necessary folds in the elbows and sleeves area and remove unnecessary guidelines from the arms.

Princess dress drawing guide

Step 5

This stage will probably be the most elementary in the guide about drawing a princess dress. With some long and smooth lines, trace the bottom of the gown and erase any remaining unwanted lines. Add a few long vertical folds, like the artists of Drawingforall.net.

Princess dress drawing tutorial

Step 6

So now let’s get to the shadows. They will help our princess dress sketch look the most voluminous and deep. Draw them just like our artists did. To make your dress artwork more contrast, add some more layers of hatching.

How to draw a princess dress

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