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How to Draw a Video Camera

How to draw a video camera

Probably anyone can draw a camera, because we all know how this seemingly not very complicated object looks like. But the difficulty lies in drawing the camera correctly, because even in such a seemingly simple object to draw, there are also some nuances. There are many small details in this subject that should be located in the right places. And the lesson about how to draw a video camera will tell about these details and many other tricks.


Step 1

The two most basic parts of the camera are the lens and the body. In the first step of the lesson on how to draw a video camera, you will need to depict the body and lens, as the artists of the Drawingforall.net sketched. Only light and rather rough lines should be used in this first stage.

How to sketch a video camera

Step 2

Here we will need to outline some more important details to the video camera. At the top of the video camera draw a handle, a viewfinder and a microphone that sticks out strongly. Try not to use too dark lines, because in the future we will have to make a large number of additions and new lines.

How to draw a video camera step by step

Step 3

Let’s add the most basic details that will make our sketch more like a video camera drawing. Here we will make our drawing voluminous, outlining all the necessary edges and additional lines. Here we still need to use the lightest lines.

Video camera drawing lesson

Step 4

Let’s move on to the detail of our video camera drawing. Let’s start from the bottom, that is, from the lens and body. First of all, trace the square frame of the lens and draw all the necessary lines on the camera body, not forgetting to remove all the unnecessary guidelines.

How to draw a camera

Step 5

All the same actions we need to do with the top of the video camera drawing. Gently trace the microphones in front, the handle and the viewfinder. Finally clear the drawing with an eraser, removing any remaining unnecessary guidelines from the drawing of the video camera.

Video Camera drawing tutorial

Step 6

In our example, the light falls on the camera from the top, which means we will have to draw shadows on the lower surfaces of the video camera parts.

How to draw a video camera

As you can see, a video camera is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. But at the same time, we hope that now you understand how to draw a video camera correctly. It should be noted that the cameras appeared quite a long time ago, and for all the time of their existence, the world saw a huge number of very different types of this device. To consolidate your knowledge of how to draw a camera, try to draw other types of this device using photos from the Internet. By the way, are you following us in social networks? If not, be sure to do this to be aware of everything that is happening on Drawingforall.net.

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