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How to Draw a Clothes Iron

How to draw an iron

We drew a lot of complex and basic drawings, but any artist should be able to draw everyday things, such as an clothes iron. Drawing such objects you not only learn to recreate any objects on paper, but also raise your level of drawing to a higher level. So, let’s delve into the process of learning how to draw an iron and try to learn all the features and tips of drawing simple objects that we see around us every day.


Step 1

The first thing we need to draw the outlines of the iron. They are familiar to everyone, and over the years do not change at all. Using very light, almost invisible lines, sketch such a triangular contour. Do not try to draw an iron’s contours too perfect at this step, so that in the future, it would be easier to make changes to the drawing.

How to draw an iron

Step 2

At the top, mark the iron handle, or rather the hole in the body of this object, which forms the handle. In the upper right corner, sketch out the wire, and in the lower right corner draw a small curved line. As mentioned above, all these lines should be made with very light, and easily erasable lines.

How to draw an iron step by step

Step 3

To make our drawing of an iron look like what we want, let’s draw some details. On the inner surface of the handle we depict a round temperature switch. On the front, mark the buttons and water holes. Since there are a huge number of different types of irons in the world, you can change the location of these parts at your discretion.

How to draw a realistic iron easy

Step 4

Now it is time to stop using light and rough lines, and start working with darker and clearer lines. Carefully draw all the lines and details in the iron drawing so that the drawing gets a complete and clean look. Erase all unnecessary guidelines, and add some more details, such as lights and small inscriptions.

How to draw an iron for beginners

Step 5

In order for our drawing of the iron to look natural and complete, we need to add shadows. By all the rules of drawing and the laws of physics, the shadows lie where the light does not fall. So first determine the light source, then add shadows to areas where the light does not fall.

How to draw a clothes iron

As we have said, a lesson about how to draw an iron will be very useful for those who wants to raise their level of drawing skills and depicting simple objects. To continue exploring the drawing of such things, such as Apple iMac or rose, visit our categories called “Still Life” and “Electronics”, and in order to keep abreast of all the new drawing lessons, subscribe to us on social networks and share our lessons with your friends.

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