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How to Draw a Unicorn

how to draw a Unicorn

The unicorn is rightfully one of the most beautiful mythical creatures. And in this drawing guide we will show you how to draw a unicorn. This is a mythical being that symbolizes chastity, in a broad sense spiritual purity. It is usually represented in the form of a horse with one horn emerging from the forehead.

Step 1

So, despite its mythical origin, this character is a horse and we will use way of drawing a horse. First of all sketch out the head in the form of a circle, then the thorax and pelvis in the shape of circles. Using simple lines sketch the neck and limbs. Recall that in the first steps we need to use very light lines.

how to draw a Unicorn

Step 2

Let’s add some volume. First of all sketch out a long muzzle and neck, thickening to the torso. On the head we sketch out the ears, eyes, horn and mane. Now connect the circles, drawn in the previous step and form the torso. Add the volume to the legs and depict the hooves. Note that the legs should taper closer to the hooves. At the end of the step sketch the tail.

unicorn art

Step 3

In the last two steps we created the general contours of our mythical horned horse, and starting with this step we will work with details. Let’s start with the head, carefully depicting the eye, ears, nose and mouth. Recall that starting with this step we use clear and dark lines.

learn how to draw a unicorn with a pencil

Step 4

Continue drawing instruction on how to draw a unicorn. Remove all auxiliary lines from the neck and draw out the beautiful mane. The lines of the hair on the mane should go from the roots to the ends, so that the hair looks most natural.

how to draw a unicorn step by step

Step 5

Let’s go down a bit and depict the front legs, erasing the guidelines. Note, that under the skin are clearly visible bones of the chest and joints on the legs. Consider all these details when you will draw out the forelimbs.

unicorn sketch

Step 6

Here we do the same actions but this time with the hind legs, that is, erase all unnecessary additional lines from the legs and carefully draw out them, making the lines clear and beautiful. Take into account all the bends of muscles and tendons to achieve the greatest naturalness.

cute cartoon unicorn

Step 7

There are very few left. This is a very simple step in which we are depicting the long and swanky tail of our unicorn. In order to do this we need to use long and slightly twisted lines. As we already know, the hair lines must come from the roots to the tips.

Unicorn drawing

Step 8

So, in the last step of all our article we always add shadows, and here we will do the same. In order to do this we will use classic hatching. Just add it in the least lit areas of the unicorn’s body. Also make the tail and mane more realistic and natural by adding some more curved lines.

how to draw a Unicorn

This was another drawing guide in the category “Myths and Legends” which, as always, was made by the team of artists of DrawingForAll.

The mythical animal unicorn is present in many traditions of the world. Its various images are known: the goat is in the East, and later in the West – a deer or a horse. This graceful animal was always depicted with one horn in his forehead, most often spiral.

Today we have drawn the most traditional version of this magnificent mythical creature that we could see in various books and films.

We very much hope that we were able to help our readers learn to sketch a unicorn – a graceful fantastic creature, familiar to many cultures from time immemorial.


  1. Very easy to follow! I love how it demonstrate’s using circles first to get the right shapes, which helps to draw animals in general in the future. Most tutorials just show the lines without any shapes to help draw them, so I am very pleased with this tutorial. I also love the clear instructions with every step. Best drawing tutorial I have ever seen!

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