How to Draw a Tank for Beginners

how to draw a tank for beginners


Hello dear amateur artists! In today’s drawing tutorial we will show you how to draw a tank. The tank consists of many different parts, and it is quite difficult for a beginner to draw all these details. And we decided to create a tutorial for beginners about how to draw a tank. So, let’s start the tutorial!


Step 1

At the first step, using an oval we draw a turret of the tank. Note: at the first steps you should use light and smooth lines for sketching.

how to draw a tank for beginners


Step 2

At this step we draw the upper part of the “body” of the tank. And as the rest steps in this tutorial, this step will be very simple. Using the lines, as straight as an arrow, draw this detail of the tank. Note, that it will be perfect if you could draw this detail without a ruler.

how to draw a tank for beginners step by step


Step 3

Now draw the contours of the tank track. This detail should be longer at the top than at the bottom, and this difference is very noticeable. Only the important point – the tracks must be smooth, with no sharp angles.

how to draw a tank for amateur artists


Step 4

At this step we add some details. Using straight lines draw a barrel. Draw two squares at the both sides of the barrel. At the top of the turret draw a hatch in the form of the flat rectangle. Below the turret draw a cistern. Add a machine gun at the front of the tank. Draw the track of the tank using short strokes.

how to draw a tank for kids


Step 5

And at the final step of the tutorial about how to draw a tank for beginners we will add road wheels. Draw them using circles. At first draw three big wheels in the center, then draw two small wheels at the left and right sides.

how to draw a tank for beginners


It was quite simple drawing tutorial about how to draw a tank for beginners. We hope this tutorial was interesting and informative for you. If you want to draw something more complex, visit our lessons about how to draw Wolverine or how to draw a samurai. Stay tuned and wait for new drawing lessons by Goodbye!


  1. This tank helps me make other tanks I just use the outlines to make sure it’s not wonky

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