How to Draw a Straight Razor

how to draw a straight razor

Kind time of the day, dear artists! In today’s drawing lesson we’ll show you how to draw a razor. A straight razors were common before the extensive spread of an old type Gillette safety razor and then the modern type of razors.


Step 1


So, first of all we sketch out the blade of our razor. Please note that the blade may be different from our example.

how to draw a straight razor

Step 2

Next draw the upper edge of the razor and add a couple of glare on the blade.

learn to draw a straighzor

Step 3

Draw out a long handle that should be slightly longer than the blade.

straight razor

Step 4

Draw a pair of rivets and the “tail” of the blade at the top of the razor.

how to draw a straight razor

It was an extremely easy drawing lesson on how to draw a straight razor step by step. Draw a lot and draw often with our drawing lessons. Also do not forget to visit our social networks and tell about us to your friends.

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