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How to Draw a Heating Radiator

How to draw a heating radiator

Hello dear artists. We rarely show you how to draw interior items. And today we decided to make a lesson about such a very important and almost irreplaceable thing for the home as a heating radiator. So, how to draw a heating radiator? Scroll down  this page and learn how to do it.


Step 1

Our lessons, even the most difficult ones, begin with extremely simple geometric figures, and this lesson will not be an exception. The first thing we need to do is outline a voluminous rectangular suing straight lines.

How to draw a heating radiator

Step 2

Now we need to sketch out two pipe connectors at the top and bottom of the side of the radiator. Then, with the help of straight lines, we sketch out the sections of the radiator.

How to draw a Heating Radiator step by step

Step 3

A fairly complex step in the lesson about how to draw a heating radiator. Here we will need to draw out the radiator with very clear lines and remove all unnecessary guidelines.

Heating Radiator drawing tutorial

Step 4

To make the drawing not look flat we will need to add some shadows. Grab the pencil more conveniently and add shadows as shown in our example. As you can see, now our heating radiator drawing has become more voluminous.

How to draw a heating radiator

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