How to Draw a Stove

how to draw a stove

Hello dear artists! Today we will show you how to draw a stove step by step.


Step 1

First we will draw an simple parallelogram. You probably remember that our previous drawing lesson (it was Macbook) started about the same.

how to draw a stove


Step 2

And now we draw three more figures. You should have something like this:

how to sketch a stove


Step 3

Let’s draw four small ovals on the horizontal upper plane.

learn how to draw a stove


Step 4

Ok, in this step we will draw five small circles on the front of the plate.

how to draw a stove step by step

Step 5

And we have a final step of this tutorial in which we will draw the window on the stove’s front part.

how to draw a stove

What do you like more, draw or cook delicious food? We love both, and the more we like to draw everything related to food. For this, we even have a whole section called “Still Life”, which contains a lot of lessons about different tasty things.

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