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How to Draw a Spiked Club

how to draw a spiked club

Greeting dear readers! Here you will see how to draw a spiked club. Spiked club is one of the most simple weapons because it is just a club with spikes driven into it. Along with a spear it was probably one of the most common weapons in the history of mankind.


Step 1

First draw a figure very similar to a bottle that is wide at one side and tapers toward the other side.

how to draw a spiked club

Step 2

At the wide side of the club add some spikes. The spikes may be the same length or different.

spiked club drawing

Step 3

Using curved and uneven lines draw a pattern of wood.

how to draw a spiked club

Step 4

And at the last step add shadows. We can see shadows of spikes and club itself.

how to draw a spiked club

By the way we drew this weapon in many our drawing lessons, such as a lessons about ogre or xvart. The lesson is very simple, so you can visit more hard lessons on how to draw a longsword or how to draw a greatsword. And don’t forget to use sharing buttons to share this lesson.


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