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How to Draw a Skirt

How to draw a skirt

The team of artists of Drawingforall.net has already drawn a lot of different items of clothing, such as dress, pants and jacket. This lesson will also be from the category “Clothes” and will be dedicated to how to draw a skirt. We will show you the process of drawing a skirt on a fairly simple example, but using four elementary steps that you will see below, you can draw a skirt of absolutely any type.


Step 1

To accurately draw a skirt, first of all we need to sketch out a trapezoid with straight and very light lines. Please note that you do not need to press too hard on the pencil in this stage.

How to draw skirts

Step 2

Now using slightly curved lines make the outlines of the skirt more realistic. Add a pair of vertical folds. Skirts come in all different shapes, so it’s not necessary to repeat the look as in our skirt drawing, you can slightly modify your version.

How to draw a skirt

Step 3

Erase all unnecessary auxiliary guidelines and draw out the outlines of the skirt using clear and dark lines. Your skirt drawing should be clean and neat. If everything is done correctly, then it is time to proceed to the last stage.

Skirt drawing tutorial

Step 4

It is the last step of the lesson about a skirt. Now we need to add a few shadows to the drawing of the skirt with the help of hatching.

How to draw a skirt

It seems to us that this was a fairly simple lesson and now you know how to draw a skirt. If you are interested in fashion and drawing, then perhaps you will want to visit our category under the name “Clothing” where you will find a lot of interesting things. By the way, do not forget that we have not only this wonderful site, but also pages in all popular social networks. So we are waiting for your subscriptions to Pinter and Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

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