How to Draw a Melon

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Melon drawing

If you often visit our category called “Food” on, then maybe you already know that it is very easy to draw fruits. This lesson about how to draw a melon will also be very simple, as it will consist of three very simple steps.


Step 1

So, let’s begin our drawing of a melon with its outlines. So sketch out a usual oval, as in the example below. With the help of a small oval, we outline the location of the stem.

How to draw a melon step by step

Step 2

Now let’s draw a texture of the melon. To do this, we outline the longitudinal and transverse short lines, as we did in the example below.┬áThese lines must be randomly arranged.

How to draw a melon easy

Step 3

Add the shadows using a dense hatching at the bottom of the melon. Also with the help of a dense hatching we will draw the cast shadow under the melon.

How to draw a melon

We love to eat and draw fruits, and so today we showed you how to draw a melon. As we said, this lesson was very simple, just like almost all the lessons from the “Foods” category. But if this lesson was too simple for you, then visit our other lessons.

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