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How to Draw a Samsung Smartphone

Samsung Smartphone drawing tutorial

We very often drew smartphones from Apple, and our readers often asked us to make drawing tutorials about other smartphone models. And so today we decided to show you how to draw a samsung smartphone. As you can see, we will show you how to draw a smartphone from both sides, for the most visibility.


Step 1

The first thing to do is to draw two rectangles (well, or one if you draw a smartphone on one side).

How to draw a Samsung Smartphone

Step 2

Now with the help of short and curved lines round off the angles of our smartphone from Samsung.

How to draw a Samsung Smartphone

Step 3

Here we need to do a little – we just need to erase excess lines of angles.

Samsung Smartphone drawing tutorial

Step 4

On the front side of the Samsung smartphone we draw a screen outlines. Note that we have drawn a smartphone without side edges.

How to draw a Samsung Smartphone step by step

Step 5

On the back side of the Samsung smartphone draw a camera. On the smartphone screen using a pair of lines sketch out the glare.

Samsung Smartphone drawing tutorial


In our time, all smartphones are quite similar to each other. The fact is that in 2007 Apple set the fashion for the appearance and design of smartphones, and this appearance of smartphones was adopted by all other companies producing smartphones. Note that the distinguishing feature of smartphones from Samsung is their characteristic camera, located in the center of the body, unlike smartphones from Apple, where the camera is closer to the edge. But anyway, if you could master this drawing lesson, then you can easily draw other smartphones using the methods shown in this lesson.


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