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How to Draw a Pecan

How to draw a pecan

With each drawing lesson we present you with more and more exotic types of nuts. Today we will show you how to draw a pecan step by step. Pecan is very similar to walnut in appearance. These nuts are very different in taste, but we can not draw a taste. So if you are good at drawing a walnut you will be successful in this drawing lesson.


Step 1

In the first step, we very rarely draw complex things. In the first step of this tutorial, we will draw a regular round shape that looks like a bread outline. Place this shape diagonally on a piece of paper.

How to draw a pecan nut


Step 2

Draw the outlines of the plates of this nut. You can see two large wide plates that are located laterally.Another plate is localized in the center.

How to draw a pecan easy


Step 3

We erase the extra lines on the top of our pecan. It is not necessary to draw a lot of lines to work on the texture. The nut that you draw will look like a pecan if you apply several horizontal lines to the plates as in our sample.

How to draw a pecan step by step


Step 4

We can work with shadows to make our pecan look more realistic. The shadows look like a short shading which is located near the edges of each of the plates.

Pecan drawing

It was not a particularly difficult nut drawing tutorial. In fact, we already have quite a few lessons about this. If we are too carried away with nuts, write to us about it and we will make articles on other topics.

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