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How to Draw a Mermaid

how to draw a mermaid

Hello dear artists and welcome to the lesson about how to draw a mermaid. This is one of the most famous characters in mythology, which is present in a variety of books, movies and cartoons.

Step 1

As we have already said, a mermaid is a creature whose upper part is human and the lower part of the fish. So at first sketch out the head in a shape of an oval. Next, draw a long spine that smoothly passes into the tail. Next sketch out the chest and arms.

how to draw a mermaid

Step 2

Let’s add some volume to the body of our mermaid. Sketch out the intersecting lines on the head. Then sketch out the torso which narrows in the waist, then widens in the hips and again slowly narrows to the tip of the tail. At the end of this step sketch out the arms.

mermaid art

Step 3

Let’s add some basic details to our mermaid. With the help of light curved lines we outline the contours of the hair. On the face we sketch out the eyes, a nose and mouth. Next get down just below and draw details on the torso and arms. Then draw fins on the long tail.

pictures of mermaids to draw

Step 4

Erasing all unnecessary guidelines from the head we draw the hair and features of the face of our mermaid. Carefully draw out the eyes, eyebrows, nose, ears and lips.

mermaid tail drawing

Step 5

Let’s go down just below and take care of the details on the torso and arms. Erase all unnecessary guidelines and using clear and accurate lines draw out the torso that narrows around the waist. Next draw thin arms with neat fingers.

learn to draw a mermaid step by step

Step 6

Erase all the remaining lines from the body of our mermaid. Using clear and slightly curved lines draw out the tail. At the end of this step add lines on the fins.

mermaid drawing

Step 7

So, the mermaid drawing is almost complete and we have only to add shadows. Add shadows gently. If you do everything correctly, you will get a realistic and three-dimensional drawing.

how to draw a mermaid

We finished the drawing lesson about how to draw a mermaid. Note that using this drawing lesson you will be able to draw all the mermaids from all the stories you know, whether the character is from Greek mythology or Ariel from Disney.


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