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How to Draw a Refrigerator

how to draw a refrigerator

Hello dear artists. Our site is replenished daily, and new articles are constantly appearing on it. And now we are replenishing our category called “Electronics”, which already has such items as a microwave oven or a vacuum cleaner. And in this drawing tutorial we want to show you how to draw a refrigerator.


Step 1

So, first of all draw out the front surface of the refrigerator in the form of a high rectangle.

how to draw a refrigerator

Step 2

With the help of another rectangle draw the side surface of the refrigerator.

learn to draw a refrigerator step by step

Step 3

As you can see, there are a lot of straight lines in this lesson. With their help draw the doors of our refrigerator.

how to sketch a refrigerator

Step 4

Draw out long handles of the refrigerator and small rectangular display on the upper door.

refrigerator drawing tutorial

Step 5

The last step of the lesson on how to draw a refrigerator, in which we add shadows and glare on the front surface.

how to draw a refrigerator

We hope this lesson was easy for you. If you want even more lessons about electronics, visit our category “Electronics”, and if you want more simple lessons, visit our section “For beginners”.


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