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How to Draw Tweety

how to draw Tweety

Hello! Today we are going to draw Tweety – extremely well-known canary, usually inseparable from the cat Sylvester. Figure is very simple, we think all our readers can draw it. But if you can not draw, let us know in comments below the post which step aroused difficulty. And now we begin the lesson on how to draw Tweety!


Step 1

At first draw a shape of the head, in a shape of an oval. It should look like a slightly flattened circle. As you already know, the lines of the first steps should be very light.

how to draw Tweety


Step 2

Draw the contours of the jaw of Tweety, and mark up the vertical axullary line. As you can see, the head is represented by a pair of figures. Facial symmetry line passes through both shapes.

how to draw Tweety step by step


Step 3

Now draw the body and the upper limbs. Disproportionately, of course, is a cartoon little body connected with a large massive head with a thin slightly sloping neck. From the highest point of the calf depart the arms.

drawing lesson


Step 4

The arms of Tweety are very short and small. But the legs are very strong and large. But it will be very simple to draw them – look, they are rounded figures, each of which can be drawn without lifting the pencil from the paper. In the same step draw contours of the tail.

draw a cartoon


Step 5

Agree, dear readers, this lesson is built very typical – we usually first draw the details of the face of the character. Today’s lesson will be no exception – we have created a silhouette of Tweety now draw the contours of the eyes. Here we draw the contours of the beak. The important thing – be guided by the lines from the second step.

how to draw looney tunes


Step 6

Adding some small but very important details – the pupils, very long eyelashes, outline the contours of the round cheeks.

how to draw Tweety

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