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How to Draw a Squash

Squash drawing

In one of the previous drawing lessons, the team of Drawingforall.net showed how to draw a pumpkin, today in this lesson about the closest relative of the pumpkin, we will show you how to draw a squash. This vegetable can often be found in various works of art in the still life genre, the great masters of which were artists such as Caravaggio and Paul Cezanne. And the team of Drawingforall.net really hopes that with the help of our tutorial on how to draw a squash you will become no less skilled masters in drawing still lives.


Step 1

First of all, you need to sketch out the outer contours of the squash. This figure tapers slightly in the center and expands at the top and bottom. All lines should be made using very light pencil lines, because we will delete everything in the next steps.

How to draw a squash

Step 2

Let’s now add a small but very important element to the squash drawing. The stem should be made using the same very light lines. Squashes are all slightly different from each other, the main differences are the external shape of the vegetable and the stem.

How to draw a squash plant

Step 3

Now let’s make our squash drawing more realistic and complete. Circle the sketch with clear and dark lines to make it more beautiful and natural. Add vertical lines to the squash body and stem. Using an eraser, remove all unnecessary lines from the squash drawing.

How to draw a squash easy

Step 4

Now we need to make the squash drawing even more natural and voluminous, for which we will deal with shadows. All shadows should be the most dense and uniform. Hatching lines should be at the same distance and take into account the curves of the vegetable on which they lie.

How to draw a squash

As we wrote in the intro of the lesson about how to draw a squash, the knowledge gained in this article will be very useful for those who want to become a master in drawing still lifes. Try now to draw a still life guided by the four steps that you have observed above. Put your squash drawing next to watermelons, a vase of fruit and grape leaves, and you will get a drawing in the style of the aforementioned Caravaggio.

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