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How to Draw a Princess Crown

How to draw a princess crown

The world is full of the most interesting tales and legends that tell of knight and princesses living in the castle on the highest cliff. And if the integral attributes of any knight are his armor and the sword, then the integral attributes of any princess is the crown, the drawing lesson about which you are currently reading. So, let’s scroll down to proceed the lesson on how to draw the princess crown.


Step 1

So, in order to properly draw the princess crown, first we need to sketch out its outlines. Crowns come in all sorts of different types, but we decided to choose the most classic, so we need to depict just such a geometric figure.

How to sketch a princess crown

Step 2

A very simple but important step in the process of drawing the princess crown. Draw five small ovals in the places shown in our example below. These will be the upper parts of the crown teeth.

How to draw a princess crown step by step

Step 3

Between the ovals we drew in the second step, we need to draw four curved lines. Note that the side teeth of the crown are closer to each other than the teeth that located in the center.

Princess crown drawing tutorial

Step 4

Now grab the eraser and gently erase all the lines that we no longer need. After that, circle all the lines, making them very dark and distinct. So, now it looks more like a princess headdress drawing. By the way, you can use a marker or ink for this.

How to draw a crown

Step 5

Crowns are most often made of gold and decorated with different precious stones. Let us decorate our princess crown drawing too. Draw three drop-shaped figures and draw a grid pattern on them to display the texture of the gemstone.

How easy to draw a princess crown

Step 6

In order to give our princess crown drawing a more complete and beautiful look, we have to draw some shadows. Using hatching, draw the shadows exactly as shown by our artists. Do not forget about the glare, which should be drawn with the help of longer but rare strokes.

Princess crown drawing

So, the lesson about how to draw a princess crown came to an end. If you often visit the pages of Drawingforall.net, then you may have already noticed that we are very fond of medieval theme. We love stories about those times, films about the Middle Ages and RPG in the medieval setting. And of course, we would not really like to live in those not the brightest times. Plague, absence of normal infrastructure and rigid autocratic power is not at all what we love. So let’s better talk about the good. If you want us to publish new drawing lessons more often, be sure to subscribe to us on social networks and share our drawing lessons. You have no idea how we rejoice every time we see our drawing lessons on the pages of our readers.


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