How to Draw a Flower Easy

how to draw a Flower easy

Hello, dear artists. If you were looking for an easy way of drawing a flower then you went to the right page. In the previous drawing lessons we have already shown you how to draw a rose and a tulip, but these were difficult drawing lessons. So, let’s start the lesson about how to draw a flower easy.


Step 1

First of all draw a large circle. Inside the circle draw a smaller circle. Sketch out two lines as a guide for the stem.

how to draw a Flower easy

Step 2

A very simple step in which we need to draw lines inside the bigger circle as in our example.

learn to draw a Flower step by step

Step 3

Continue drawing the flower. Using curved lines draw the tips of the petals of the flower.

Flower drawing tutorial

Step 4

We erase a larger circle from the first step and get the general outline of the flower.

learn how to draw a Flower

Step 5

Using clear lines draw out the flower petals as shown in our example.

how to draw Flowers

Step 6

Add longitudinal lines on the petals and texture in the center of the flower with the help of cross-hatching.

how to draw a Flower easy

It was a drawing tutorial about how to draw flower easy. If you liked this lesson the visit tuts about tree and mushrooms.

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